Made with Unity 2017 and C#.

Using cutting-edge hardware to create a Full-Body Multiplayer VR experience.

Graduation Project

Project Myron is a collaboration between students of Saxion University Applied Sciences and technology leaders: The Virtual Dutch MenXsensManus-VRXMG.

In 5 months time, our goal was to create an 8 player arena shooter experience, in which two teams of 4 players try to outplay each other, using their entire body.

I was Team-lead and Input programmer on this project.


My task was to implement the Manus-VR gloves data and input in this Full-Body VR Experience.

The tricky part was to combine data from the Manus-VR gloves with the data from the Xsens body suit. The next big challenge was to make the glove data ready for networking.

Putting these 2 elements together allowed for a magical experience of being in Virtual Reality together with others.

Gesture Recognition

As part of the design, we decided to show off the potential of Full-Body Multiplayer VR in every aspect of the project. For players to communicate we decided on a Gesture Recognition System reinforcing non-verbal communication between players.

The Gesture Recognition System that I build could recognize 12 gestures by analyzing the body and hand poses of the player.

Credits: Nick Hartmann, Robin Kuiper, Lars Temmink, Willem-Jan Eeftingh, Tim Wopereis, Kameliya Spirova, Karolis Jurkstaitis and Zoë Michelle Wolzak

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